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Altus® RTS 506S2

Documentation confirms that this product meets WELL feature requirements and is licensed to use the Works with WELL mark.

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WORKS WITH WELL is a trademark of International WELL Building Institute PBC and used by those product manufacturers granted permission by IWBI following IWBI's license criteria validation process. Product names contained in the Works with WELL Directory are trademarks or trade names of the product manufacturers or their respective owners. Product descriptions contained in this directory are provided by product manufacturers.

Products undergo application and documentation review to validate they meet IWBI's licensing criteria; product and laboratory testing is not a part of the Works with WELL license validation process. The Works with WELL trademark used in connection with a product is neither an indication, representation or guarantee that a product can achieve health or well-being outcomes nor a guarantee of achievement of WELL Certification, WELL Rating, any WELL feature or part or any other WELL designation.